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The message for   Mr. Fauzi Bowo as Governor of Jakarta to take decisive action in protecting the rights to water of Jakarta’s citizens by stopping the concession contract of water service in Jakarta.

Water concessions in Jakarta
Since 13 years ago, Jakarta water services has shifted from PAM Jaya to the two private operators; PT. PAM Lyonnaise Jaya (PT Palyja) and PT. Aetra (formerly owned by PT. Thames PAM Jaya). Privatization of water services is done through a 25 years concession contract. Concession area of each private operator is to divide the Ciliwung River where the west part of Ciliwung became the concession area for PT.Palyja, while eastern Ciliwung River became the concession area of PT. Aetra. Privatization of water services in Jakarta conducted by PAM Jaya-which was considered not to have technical and financial capabilities needed to improve water service in the national capital. While the two private operators are believed to have the technical expertise and funds to make clean water service in Jakarta equivalent to other capitals in various developed countries.

The contracts originated as political acts of the Suharto regime. The process started with a letter from President Suharto in 1995, and ended with two companies being appointed in 1997, without any competitive tendering. The corruption in this process was visible in the original share allocations: the British firm Thames Water allocated shares to a firm owned by the son of the president, the French company Suez Lyonnaise des Eaux allocated shares to a firm owned by a crony of Suharto. After the fall of Suharto in 1998, these allocations were rapidly reduced.

The companies are paid according to their costs, protected against inflation, interest rates, foreign exchange rate and even tax changes (FTY p.94). These include a ‘know-how’ fee, or management fee, which is typical of water concessions; a World Bank paper noted that the effect of these ‘management fees’ is to provide a guaranteed dividend for the owners of the operating companies. In addition, the charge is calculated to provide a guaranteed return on capital of 22% (CA clause 27.1, schedule 6: CR p.13, FTY pp. 54-66). The tariffs paid by customers are effectively determined by these charges, so that if these tariffs are held down to make them affordable, the deficit has to be covered by the public authorities, not by the operators.

Jakarta Water Concession, an Exhibition Failure of Water Privatization Policy
The two private operators failed to meet the technical targets set out in the contract. By now, there is still a bigger percentage of Jakartan who has not had access to clean water, and even some residents of Jakarta who has been a customer since 1997-PAM JAYA have to wait at least for 7 years to get clean water supply.

The overall objectives of the contract still refer to ‘comprehensive coverage…substantial extension….increase efficiency…. Ensure the quantity, quality and continuity of supply of clean water and potable water… to meet the technical target and service standards…. to reduce the quantity of unaccounted for water…..’ (CA2001 art 2.2; CR pp6-7). But the actual performance of the companies is very poor. There has been little extension of the network, with the lowest level of coverage of major Asian cities; the price per cubic meter of water is the highest of any major Asian city; in terms of quality, the water coming out of the taps must be boiled; in terms of efficiency, non-revenue water remains over 50% (FTY pp. 5, 105-137).

Service coverage based on the latest operators’ claims is 63% at the end of 2008; this means there are 37% of Jakarta’s residents have not received drinking water facilities. Even the Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) says that the Piped water service in Jakarta touched only 24.18% of the population. Which means more than 75% of the city dwellers not getting adequate services through the piped water? A recent report, the number of customers PT. PALYJA as many as 409,000, while the PT. Aetra (d / h TPJ), including 377,072 customers, if one connection is used by 4-5 people (assuming the BPS, 1 KK = 4-5 people) then the residents of Jakarta who has access to clean water is only about 3,930,360 inhabitants. As a result, most poor people in Jakarta have to buy water from vendors around them with a very expensive price.

Ironically, when these two private operators managed to escape the consequences from failing to meet various technical and service targets, but the company always managed to obtain and even continue to increase earnings from year to year. Palyja, in 2006 managed to increase net profit by 32.8% and rise up to 52.5% the following year. In 2008 and still they managed to increase profits equal to 15.85%. To be able to always record a profit, the prevailing water tariff in Jakarta should always set high and has a big difference compared to the cost of production is needed. This means that company profits obtained from the customer tariff payments whose value far exceeds the cost of production to drain water to the customer.

The concession contract of Jakarta’s water services is designed to fully protect the interests of private and not public. In other cities, termination of a water concession contract can be done even without having to pay any penalty. This is already happening in Bamako - Mali, Da Chang - China and Buenos Aires – Argentina, and there’s a widespread public demand to a Remunipalitation of their water service accross Europe.

Water privatization remains unpopular policy today, mainly because of price increases required by private operators. In addition, private operators also did not make any investment that is expected to expand and improve networks, does not make the expected efficiency improvements. Furthermore, the concession contract given to the private-foreign companies is created from an authoritarian system (without public consultation process) does not create a sufficient incentive to overcome the water problems in Jakarta, evidence to date PAM Jaya as a management of public services continues to lose money, many households are unable to access water service due to private operator’s reluctance to invest their funds for infrastructure development.

Of the 400 major world cities (with populations of more than one million) only 14% of its water services are managed by private companies, the rest is managed by a public company, even Paris has just restore water service to the public sector. In some countries - Uruguay and the Netherlands - the privatization of water services is illegal.

Our Demands
Due to water privatization in Jakarta for 13 years jeopardize the government of DKI Jakarta and also has caused the neglect of the right of the people on the water in Jakarta, we demand the Governor of Jakarta to:
1.    Stop water service concession contract in Jakarta, with two private operators (PT. Palyja and PT. Aetra).
2.    Plan any necessary measures that can encourage PAM Jaya to be a good and reliable public water service provider, without having to involve the private sector.

Jakarta, 18 April 2011


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290    Pandi, Kalideres, Jakarta    Indonesia
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293    Suryadi, Cengkareng, Jakarta    Indonesia
294    Misan, Cengkareng, Jakarta    Indonesia
295    Pudin, Cengkareng, Jakarta    Indonesia
296    Karni, Cengkareng, Jakarta    Indonesia
297    Lucky, Cengkareng, Jakarta    Indonesia
298    Bari, Cengkareng, Jakarta    Indonesia
299    Yayan, Cengkareng, Jakarta    Indonesia
300    Feri, Cengkareng, Jakarta    Indonesia
301    Cuni, Cengkareng, Jakarta    Indonesia
302    Sukun, Cengkareng, Jakarta    Indonesia
303    Tatang, Kapuk, Jakarta    Indonesia
304    Alek Sopyan, Kapuk, Jakarta    Indonesia
305    Ratna, Semanan, Jakarta    Indonesia
306    Dedi, Semanan, Jakarta    Indonesia
307    Suki, Semanan, Jakarta    Indonesia
308    Jali, Semanan, Jakarta    Indonesia
309    Katong, Semanan, Jakarta    Indonesia
310    Sarwan, Semanan, Jakarta    Indonesia
311    Kosan, Semanan, Jakarta    Indonesia
312    Romli, Semanan, Jakarta    Indonesia
313    Jumi, Semanan, Jakarta    Indonesia
314    Leni, Semanan, Jakarta    Indonesia
315    Kuti, Semanan, Jakarta    Indonesia
316    H. Mursan, Semanan, Jakarta    Indonesia
317    Sandi, Semanan, Jakarta    Indonesia
318    Latip, Semanan, Jakarta    Indonesia
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320    Fira, Semanan, Jakarta    Indonesia
321    Resin, Semanan, Jakarta    Indonesia
322    Jali, Semanan, Jakarta    Indonesia
323    Turi, Semanan, Jakarta    Indonesia
324    Kasum, Semanan, Jakarta    Indonesia
325    Deri, Semanan, Jakarta    Indonesia
326    Juli, Semanan, Jakarta    Indonesia
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332    Eman, Pangkalan Jati, Jakarta    Indonesia
333    Dwi, Cipinang, Jakarta    Indonesia
334    Nanang, Galur, Jakarta    Indonesia
335    Kenang Kelana, Cempaka Putih, Jakarta    Indonesia
336    Prima, Rawamangun, Jakarta    Indonesia
337    Wahyu Arifin, Rawamangun, Jakarta    Indonesia
338    Jamaludin, Cipinang kebembem, Jakarta    Indonesia
339    Jul, Cipinang Kebembem, Jakarta    Indonesia
340    Hendro, Cipinang, Jakarta    Indonesia
241    Prasetyo, Cipinang, Jakarta    Indonesia
342    Satriyono, Kemayoran, Jakarta    Indonesia
343    Ardabili, Kalideres, Jakarta    Indonesia
344    Fiqih Nurdiansah, Kalideres, Jakarta    Indonesia
345    Dwi Yuliantika, Galur, Jakarta    Indonesia
346    Sunny, Tanjung Duren, Jakarta    Indonesia
347    Gatot, Arthaloka, Jakarta    Indonesia
348    Basuki T Purnama, DPR RI    Indonesia
349    Saeful, Penjaringan, Jakarta    Indonesia
350    Taryamah, Penjaringan, Jakarta    Indonesia
351    Soleh, Penjaringan, Jakarta    Indonesia
352    Samanan, Penjaringan, Jakarta    Indonesia
353    Suhar, Penjaringan, Jakarta    Indonesia
354    Maryono, Penjaringan, Jakarta    Indonesia
355    Herdayati, Penjaringan, Jakarta    Indonesia
356    Khadijah, Penjaringan, Jakarta    Indonesia
357    Nani, Penjaringan, Jakarta    Indonesia
358    Mardiah, Penjaringan, Jakarta    Indonesia
359    Midah, Penjaringan, Jakarta    Indonesia
360    Inem, Penjaringan, Jakarta    Indonesia
361    Enok, Penjaringan, Jakarta    Indonesia
362    Rifai, Penjaringan, Jakarta    Indonesia
363    Nurcaya, Penjaringan, Jakarta    Indonesia
364    Rita, Penjaringan, Jakarta    Indonesia
365    Suai, Penjaringan, Jakarta    Indonesia
366    Abdul Manap, Penjaringan, Jakarta    indonesia
367    Pasi, Penjaringan, Jakarta    Indonesia
368    Awong, Penjaringan, Jakarta    Indonesia
369    Jabidin, Penjaringan, Jakarta    Indonesia
370    Pendi AS, Penjaringan, Jakarta    Indonesia
371    Zainal A, Penjaringan, Jakarta    Indonesia
372    Nasori, Penjaringan, Jakarta    Indonesia
373    Guntur, Penjaringan, Jakarta    Indonesia
374    Transisius, Penjaringan, Jakarta    Indonesia
375    Siti Aminah/Widodo, Penjaringan, Jakarta    Indonesia
376    Masita, Penjaringan, Jakarta    Indonesia
377    Shinta, Penjaringan, Jakarta    Indonesia
378    Hendra, Penjaringan, Jakarta    Indonesia
379    Hendrayani, Penjaringan, Jakarta    Indonesia
380    Mina, Penjaringan, Jakarta    Indonesia
381    Hapsah, Penjaringan, Jakarta    Indonesia
382    Herlina, Penjaringan, Jakarta    Indonesia
383    Sunanto, Penjaringan, Jakarta    Indonesia
384    Hilwani, Penjaringan, Jakarta    Indonesia
385    Andi Selfi, Penjaringan, Jakarta    Indonesia
386    Mulyadi, Penjaringan, Jakarta    Indonesia
387    Riya, Penjaringan, Jakarta    Indonesia
388    Mukhtar, Penjaringan, Jakarta    Indonesia
389    Surkana, Penjaringan, Jakarta    Indonesia
390    Siti Khomsiyah, Penjaringan, Jakarta    Indonesia
391    Tasripan, Penjaringan, Jakarta    Indonesia
392    Slamet Riyadi, Penjaringan, Jakarta    Indonesia
393    Hantoro, Penjaringan, Jakarta    Indonesia
394    Koasa, Penjaringan, Jakarta    Indonesia
395    Halijah, Penjaringan, Jakarta    Indonesia
396    Hamsadgrumpa, Penjaringan, Jakarta    Indonesia
397    M. Ali Romdon, Penjaringan, Jakarta    Indonesia
398    Ikat. H, Penjaringan, Jakarta    Indonesia
399    Sudarno, Penjaringan, Jakarta    Indonesia
400    Edi Mujimi, Penjaringan, Jakarta    Indonesia
401    Ajwar, Penjaringan, Jakarta    Indonesia
402    Rusli, Penjaringan, Jakarta    Indonesia
403    Zul, Penjaringan, Jakarta    Indonesia
404    Haerudi, Penjaringan, Jakarta    Indonesia
405    Ramli, Penjaringan, Jakarta    Indonesia
406    Saring, Penjaringan, Jakarta    Indonesia
407    Rivai, Penjaringan, Jakarta    Indonesia
408    Nurjemi, Penjaringan, Jakarta    Inndoesia
409    Supriadi, Penjaringan, Jakarta    Indonesia
410    Carta, Penjaringan, Jakarta    Indonesia
411    Tarmila, Penjaringan, Jakarta    Indonesia
412    Suripto, Penjaringan, Jakarta    Indonesia
413    Mulyono, Penjaringan, Jakarta    Indonesia
414    Waluyo, Penjaringan, Jakarta    Indonesia
415    Purwadi, Penjaringan, Jakarta    Indonesia
416    Kanda, Penjaringan, Jakarta    Indonesia
417    Darusman, Penjaringan, Jakarta    Indonesia
418    Bakang, Penjaringan, Jakarta    Indonesia
419    Kallo, Penjaringan, Jakarta    Indonesia
420    Sul, Penjaringan, Jakarta    Indonesia
421    Fatma, Penjaringan, Jakarta    Indonesia
422    Rasita, Pluit, Jakarta Utara    Indonesia
423    Rambo, Pluit, Jakarta Utara    Indonesia
424    Edigon, Pluit, Jakarta Utara    Indonesia
425    Ibu Waras, Pluit, Jakarta Utara    Indonesia
426    Daidi, Penjaringan, Jakarta    Indonesia
427    Abdul Sukur, Pluit, Jakarta Utara    Indonesia
428    Aji S, Pluit, Jakarta Utara    Indonesia
429    Siokin, Pluit, Jakarta Utara    Indonesia
430    Ida, Pluit, Jakarta Utara    Indonesia
431    Anah, Pluit, Jakarta Utara    Indonesia
432    Kokom B, Pluit, Jakarta Utara    Indonesia
433    Hendra, Pluit, Jakarta Utara    Indonesia
434    Dofir, Pluit, Jakarta Utara    Indonesia
435    Aseng, Pluit, Jakarta Utara    Indonesia
436    Jamal, Pluit, Jakarta Utara    Indonesia
437    Ani, Pluit, Jakarta Utara    Indonesia
438    Nur, Pluit, Jakarta Utara    Indonesia
439    Ipung, Pluit, Jakarta Utara    Indonesia
440    Mul, Pluit, Jakarta Utara    Indonesia
441    Atun, Pluit, Jakarta Utara    Indonesia
442    Ibu Kucing, Pluit, Jakarta Utara    Indonesia
443    Alex, Pluit, Jakarta Utara    Indonesia
444    Tono, Pluit, Jakarta Utara    Indonesia
445    Yadi, Pluit, Jakarta Utara    Indonesia
446    Andrian, Pluit, Jakarta Utara    Indonesia
447    Tuti, Pluit, Jakarta Utara    Indonesia
448    Kimsan, Pluit, Jakarta Utara    Indonesia
449    Ros, Pluit, Jakarta Utara    Indonesia
450    Jaka, Pluit, Jakarta Utara    Indonesia
451    Umi, Pluit, Jakarta Utara    Indonesia
452    Dar, Pluit, Jakarta Utara    Indonesia
453    Sahlan, Pluit, Jakarta Utara    Indonesia
454    Lena, Pluit, Jakarta Utara    Indonesia
455    Mama Siah, Pluit, Jakarta Utara    Indonesia
456    Samsul, Pluit, Jakarta Utara    Indonesia
457    Wahyu, Pluit, Jakarta Utara    Indonesia
458    Rendi, Pluit, Jakarta Utara    Indonesia
459    Muhammad daud, Cempaka Putih, Jakarta Pusat    Indonesia
460    Edi Maksum    Indonesia
461    Rahmad Salim Daulay, Jakarta Utara    Indonesia
462    Ardiansyah, Gondangdia, Jakarta Pusat    Indonesia
463    Masinton Pasaribu, Jakarta Timur    Indonesia
464    Abdul Manan, Jakarta Pusat    Indonesia
465    Lutfi, Mampang, Jakarta Selatan    Indonesia
466    Abdurrahman, Mangga Besar, Jakarta    Indonesia
467    Muchtar, Jakarta Selatan    Indonesia
468    Haji Murodhi, Jakarta Selatan    Indonesia
469    Saefudin, Jakarta Selatan    Indonesia
470    Gunawan Ferdiansah, Pasar Minggu, Jakarta    Indonesia
471    Zaenal, Kwitang, Jakarta     Indonesia
472    Kusfiardi, Depok    Indonesia
473    Zulkifli, Cipete, Jakarta    Indonesia
474    Suwarno, Jakarta Selatan    Indonesia
475    Trisno, Jakarta Selatan    Indonesia
476    Boboy, Mampang, Jakarta Selatan     Indonesia
477    M.Yasir, Jakarta    Indonesia
478    Cornelius Kindarto    Indonesia
479    Tami Surahmat, Sukabumi, Jawa Barat    Indonesia
480    Tuti Meliani, Kramat Jati, Jakarta Timur    Indonesia
481    Rohaayati, Kramat Jati, Jakarta Timur    Indonesia
482    Sri Wahmini, Kp. Makasar, Jakarta Timur    Indonesia
483    Nurul Husna, Kebon Nanas, Jakarta Timur    Indonesia
484    Husni, Kebon Nanas, Jakarta Timur    Indonesia
485    Ahmad Safitri, Kebon Nanas, Jakarta Timur    Indonesia
486    Amirullah, Kebon Nanas, Jakarta Timur    Indonesia
487    Syarif Hidayatullah, Cipinang Cempedak, Jakarta Timur    Indonesia
488    Syaifullah, Otista, Jakarta Timur    Indonesia
489    Hendroyono, Otista, Jakarta Timur    Indonesia
490    Zaenal Abidin, Kramat Jati, Jakarta Timur    Indonesia
491    Budi Utomo, Kalibata, Jakarta    Indonesia
492    Mei Haryati, Kalibata, Jakarta    Indonesia
493    April Lia, Kramat Jati    Indonesia
494    Umi Kalsum, Kp. Melayu, Jakarta Timur    Indonesia
495    Ulfah, Km.Melayu, Jakarta Timur    Indonesia
491    Syarifah, Kp.Pulo, Jakarta Timur    Indonesia
492    Yudha Tanjung, Cipinang, Jakarta    Indonesia
493    Bambang Setiawan, Cipinang, Jakarta    Indonesia
494    Zulfahmi, Cipinang, Jakarta    Indonesia
495    Muhammad Wildan, Kebon Nanas    Indonesia
496    Neneng Nurhasanah, Jakarta Timur    Indonesia
497    Elena Di Padova    Italy
498    Alessandra Ficarra    Italy

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