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Tue, June 07 2011 13:12
Poor Water Service, Most of Jakarta People Threatened by E-Coli

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Jakarta, 7th June 2011

Poor water service provided by Municipal Water Company (PAM) Jaya is a main cause that put Jakarta People under a threat of e-coli, according to KRuHA.  It’s because only 18,3 percent of Jakarta People enjoyed tap water service, and the rest has to use underground water from shallow wells with questionable water quality. Jakarta Environmental Management Body declares that 90 percent of Jakarta underground water is contaminated by metal, nitrate and e-coli from human waste, organic and inorganic waste.
“Mostly underground water gets contaminated by e-coli in shallow wells that have only 12-15 meters depth,” said National Coordinator KRuHA Hamong Santono.

Generally, shallow wells owned by poor people of Jakarta who doesn’t have money to dig depth drilled wells like most of fancy communities has. Poor people in Jakarta also have to live very close each other with their neighbours. So when they can’t enjoy tap water, they has to dig shallow wells lest than 10 meters away from their septic tank.

KRuHA conclude that PAM Jaya tap water service itself maybe not decent for used too. It’s because 50 percents PAM JAYA pipes are leaking and water must be contaminated on the way before reached homes.

Therefore, KRuHA strongly argue the Government of Jakarta to immediately fix Jakarta tap water service. Firstly, by cut off the concession contract between PAM JAYA with two private operators (PT AETRA and PT PALYJA). Since there is no significant achievement from 13 years periods of contract; tap water service has not been increased. The average water tariff In Jakarta is IDR 7000/m3 with bad quality, compare to Singapore that provide drinkable tap water for their people only for 5000/m3 IDR.

“It shows how Jakarta Government fails to provide water for their people. Tap water isn’t only about customers’ complains, but it’s about public interest, since water is a human right, a person must be a right holder not simply a costumer” said Advocate Coordinator KRuHA Muhammad Reza.

For further information, call Hamong Santono 081511485137, M.Reza 081370601441

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