JOKOWI: End Jakarta Water Privatization

KMMSAJ - people's coalition against jakarta water privatization   Jakarta, June 6 Dear Mr. Joko Widodo, Supporters of this petition are from various organizations, backgrounds and countries and they share a common concern for better public services. We are filing this petition because we believe that clean water is a basic need and a human right that must be applied equally for all citizens and be free from business interests. With this petition we respectfully request you to end the privatization of water services in Jakarta by terminating the cooperation between PAM Jaya (the government-owned Asset Holding Company) with the private operators, PT PAM...

Universal Social Protection and Access to Essential Services

Workshop: Resisting Water Grabbing - Building Democratic People's Alternatives Water grabbing refers to situations where powerful actors are able to take control of and/or divert valuable water resources for their own benefit, depriving local communities on these resources. Water grabbing is a problem for all, whether we are small-scale producers or water users of drinking water and hygiene. Water grabbing appears in many different forms, ranging from the extraction of water for large-scale industrial agriculture for food,feed,fuel and forest to the damming or re-channelling of rivers for hydropower, to using and polluting water for mining or hydraulic fracturing (e.g.,...

Asian Movements' Statement on the Green Economy

Fight for Our Future! No Price on Nature!     We are movements and organizations from Asia, waging struggles on various fronts and arenas to defend our rights, resist policies and projects that cause harm and destruction, and to fight for immediate priorities and demands, as well as profound transformation of our societies.   We envision a social and economic system: that is aimed at providing for the needs of people and aspirations for a humane, empowering and liberating life in a manner that respects the earth’s capacity to regenerate, and to sustain life based on the integrity of natural systems; that is based on and promotes equity, parity,...

Uphold People's Sovereignity on Water, Food and Energy

Let The Water Flows, Take The Benefits, Not The Profits !

Jakarta's disastrous water privatization deal has left the city drowning in debt.

Jakarta is not exactly a modern masterpiece. Dirty and polluted, there is trash everywhere, and garbage floats about in open-air sewers. Overpopulated and congested, it regularly places highly on lists of cities with the worst traffic. Between the roadways are strange half-built pylons, constructed for an abandoned monorail project, rising up like metallic trees. Perhaps nothing is more emblematic of Jakarta’s dysfunction than water. Since 1998, the final year of Suharto’s decades-long military dictatorship, the city’s water system, which is of notoriously poor quality, has been run by two private companies. They are Palyja, which is a subsidiary of Suez...

No Pro-poor Agenda in Jakarta Water Concession

The full cost recovery mechanism in the privatization of PAM Jaya means that 100% of the project financing will be borne by customers through rates (water tariff). And hundreds of billions rupiahs losses due to PAM Jaya obligation to pay the private operators (water charge), plus hundreds of millions of dollars profit pocketed by Palyja and Aetra MUST borne PAM Jaya service users through rates! And the poor have to bear the losses doubled; as customers of PAM Jaya, they were never a priority because they pay low rates – as a result they are forced to buy water from street vendors, and still forced to pay a water bill that never flowed.

Public Demand on Halting Privatization Contract

Dozens of people from the People's Coalition Against  Jakarta Water Privatization (KMMSAJ) held demonstration in front of the City Hall on Jl. Medan Merdeka Selatan, Gambir, Central Jakarta, Monday (6/6). They demand for immediate termination contract of Palyja and Aetra, two private water operators in Jakarta, which services are not improving and satisfying. Moreover, they also see the contracts had negative impacts and financial loss for Jakarta Capital City Government. KMMSAJ is a joint force of Local Drinking Water Company (PDAM Jaya) Unions, People`s Coalition for the Right to Water (KRuHA ), Women Solidarity-Jabotabek (SP Jabotabek), Urban Poor Network (JRMK),...

Navigating Critical Water

“Navigating Critical Waters: Issues, Challenges and Alternatives to the Privatization and Commercialization of Water in Asia” ACSC/APF 2011 4 May 2011 | 9:00-11:30 AM | Jakarta Asean countries face serious challenges in water, mainly in the aspects of limited access to water by more members of the population, especially the poor and marginalized; of threatened supply as a result of unsustainable living ways that have been affecting water resources; of water being treated now by government as well as private sector as a commodity and not as human right or part of the commons.  With this perspective being the dominant now, most Asean governments look...

Anti Bottled Water Campaign

Bottled water has became a main water industry in Indonesia. Safe and clean water, is the jargon being used to sale free water provided by nature . Beside the natural damage that often came after the existence of bottled water industry, the opposition by local people also occured since they have to be in unfair competition in accessing water resources for their domestic and agricultural need. Don't take profit from the good of nature. Let the water flowing, take the benefit-not the profit!
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Jakarta is Taking Over Its Water

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