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Cohesion between Indonesias water activists

Scientists call it cohesion; each drop of water becomes stronger when united with other drops  of water. Indonesian water activists work much the same way.

Kruha (the People’s Coalition for the Right to Water) is a coalition of more than 30 Indonesian organizations, each working to ensure water access for all Indonesians, especially the marginalized. Kruha was formed in 2002 as Indonesia was debating a new World Bank-influenced water law. The law passed in 2005, and  favours privatization of the control and management of the country’s water resources.

According to KRuHA, Indonesia treats water as just one more resource to sell, not as a human right for its citizens. Kruha believes that the state is responsible for meeting people’s basic needs, including that of  water. Our  mission is to promote community-based water management, and to strengthen public control of and access to clean water in rural and urban areas. KRuHA’s  major advocacy focus is on water as a  human right.


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